How do we work

Plastic Repair System, leader in repair, maintenance of plastic objects and components

How do we work

We have a certified and patented method that is based on a high density virgin material welding technique. It is currently considered the best repair system on the plastic repair market.

Our method guarantees recovery:

Functionality 100%
Minimum resistance 98%

At PRS we exclusively manufacture our own welding wire

Customized solutions

Plastic Repair System offers solutions depending on the type of damage

Damage repair using our patented and certified heat-welding method.
Replacement of accessories (legs, skids, hinges, etc.).
Strengthening weak points, preventing future damage.
Adaptation of standard objects to your needs.

Technical department

The Plastic Repair System Technical Department has accumulated experience and is capable of designing solutions tailored to each need and developing a solid maintenance and repair project for each client.

The result of our repairs is effective and efficient, high quality and at the lowest price.


At Plastic Repair System we have the best solution for every need