Plastic Repair System, achieves the Innovative SME Seal

It is a recognition that the Ministry grants to innovative companies, which meet a series of requirements, to help their growth and sustainability.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) has awarded the Innovative SME seal to the Navarran company Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L.

PRS is a Circular Economy company specialized in the repair of returnable transport packaging (RTP), such as pallets, boxes or containers, used by the industrial sector. Thanks to its service, PRS clients recover 100% of the functionality of the repaired object, extending its useful life, also benefiting from an economic saving of 70% and a reduction in the carbon footprint of at least 98%.

Innovative SME

The Innovative SME Seal, which is valid for 3 years, is a recognition that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grants to companies with an innovative nature, which meet a series of requirements, in order to establish a public policy that helps their growth and sustainability.

In the case of PRS, this recognition has been possible since the company has received different aid for innovation, among others, Phase I of the SME Instrument Project of the European Commission; a European initiative to provide funds for innovation to small and medium-sized enterprises within the H2020 Framework Program.



Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L. is a pioneering company with 8 years of experience in the repair of goods made of plastic, through a certified and patented thermo-welding method. It has a network of 20 workshops in Spain, of which 6 are Special Employment Centers and also, this year, it will open its first subsidiary abroad, specifically in Puebla, Mexico.


In 2018 PRS received from the Ministry of the Environment the European Business Environment Award (EBAE) in Spain, as well as a Second Prize in the European Phase. The EBAE represent the highest distinction, both at national and European level, in environmental matters. Also in 2018, and after being recognized in 2017 with the CE seal of Excellence within the H2020 program, PRS managed to pass Phase I of the European Commission’s SME Instrument Project.