Plastic Repair System innovates by integrating chips into repaired materials to improve their traceability

This innovative radio frequency identification system allows the tracking of returnable transport packagings and offers greater quality control in terms of repairs and better control of the life cycles of plastic containers.

PRS is the first company in the RTP repair sector to offer this type of follow-up, which represents a competitive advantage for the company and significant added value for customers.

Plastic Repair System (PRS), an international company specialized in repair, maintenance and adaptation of returnable transport packagings (RTPs), such as pallets, boxes, alveolars, containers, etc., has incorporated an innovative system to improve the traceability of repaired materials .

It is a radio frequency identification system (RFID) that allows, through a sticker that is placed on the RTPs during the repair (in a safe place to guarantee that it is not lost or damaged), to obtain the traceability of the container of plastic.

The integration of this chip in the packaging allows for greater quality control in terms of repairs and, at the same time, better control of the life cycles of plastic packaging.

“At PRS we are aware of the importance of new technologies to continue being a benchmark company in the sector. The integration of this RFID system is an important competitive advantage for us, since we are the first company to incorporate this traceability service, but also for our clients, to whom we offer a technology with added value to the repair and control of their fleet of packaging ”, he explains Toni Astibia, general director in Plastic Repair System.

In addition to offering the exact location of each of the containers, with the RFID system it is possible to know how many times each container has been repaired and how much its useful life has been extended. “The stored data can be of great value to customers. For example, if 80% of the breakages of a container occur in the same place, this information can help the client to improve the lay-outs of their plant, making the necessary changes in the distribution of the warehouses that could lengthen the useful life of the containers ”, adds Astibia.

PRS has installed the reading antennas and the link with the management system in the Orcoyen workshop (Navarra) and has already carried out the first traceability tests with one of its main clients.

“Our goal is to install this system in all our national and international workshops and we are currently in the final phase of improving our internal ERP system to achieve this,” concludes Astibia.

PRS has been able to carry out this technological innovation thanks to Horizon 2020, a research and innovation program launched by the European Union (EU) and which has allowed PRS to boost competitiveness.