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Plastic Repair System will open its first foreign subsidiary in Mexico

The Navarra company will begin its international activity in 2019 in Puebla, Mexico

The Navarran company Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L. will start its internationalization process in 2019 with the opening of a first subsidiary in Puebla, Mexico. This headquarters will become the operational headquarters of the country, where in the future it is planned to create a network of workshops with a structure similar to the one currently existing in Spain. For the commercialization of its services in Mexico, PRS has signed an agreement with two local businessmen with extensive experience in providing services to the industry; specifically in the formulation of industrial fuels and recycling of used oils for power generation.

PRS is a Circular Economy company specialized in the repair of returnable transport packaging (RTP), such as pallets, boxes or containers, used by the industrial sector Both the experience in environmental activity, as well as the direct contact with the Mexican industry by its partners, have been two very important aspects for PRS when signing an agreement.

The document provides for the creation of a company to which PRS will license the right to use its patents and will transfer the know-how, acquired over 7 years, for the development of the plastic repair activity. After the opening of this first subsidiary, the company plans a gradual expansion plan in Mexico, with the prospect of subsequently accessing the US market.

Plastic Repair has been working on the internationalization process for more than two years in response to its scalability strategy, as well as the interest shown in this regard by some of its multinational clients such as CHEP or Crown Holdings Inc. For the development and execution of this operation, PRS has had the advice of Imeanticipa, a consultancy with extensive experience in the European and Latin American market, with offices in Puebla de Zaragoza and Mexico City.


The first PRS subsidiary outside of Spain will be established in Puebla, a city with an important industrial and commercial tradition, with a strategic location in the center of the country and just an hour and a half from Mexico City.

Puebla is home to two of the largest automotive factories in the country (Volkswagen and Audi), as well as an extensive park of suppliers in this sector. On the other hand, Puebla is the second state with the highest number of companies dedicated to the agri-food industry, only below the State of Mexico.

The location, the industrial tradition and good communications, both by road and by air, make Puebla a strategic node for the establishment of an activity such as PRS.



2018 is being an important year for PRS, since in addition to starting this internationalization process, it has also achieved important distinctions throughout the year. Last June, PRS received the European Business Environment Award (EBAE) in Spain, organized by the Ministry of the Environment. And in November, the company achieved a second prize in these awards, in its European edition The EBAE represent the highest distinction, both at national and European level, in environmental matters.

Also in 2018, and after having been recognized in 2017 with the EC Seal of Excellence within the H2020 program, PRS has managed to pass Phase I of the European Commission’s SME Instrument Project.



Plastic Repair System 2011 SL is a pioneering company with more than 7 years of experience in the repair of goods made of plastic, through a certified and patented thermo-welding method. PRS offers a circular economy opportunity to companies, since thanks to its service, PRS clients recover 100% of the functionality of the repaired object, prolonging its useful life, also benefiting from an economic saving of 70% and a reduction of the carbon footprint of at least 98%.

In 2017 alone, PRS managed to recover more than 1,263 tons of plastic through repair, which represents a CO2 retention of more than 1,126 tons. In addition to being responsible for the environment, PRS has also acquired a commitment to society, aimed at contributing to a more equitable community. Through its network of workshops, Plastic Repair System helps people with disabilities in their work integration and, in this way, improves their quality of life. It should be noted that of the 20 PRS workshops, 6 are special employment centers (CEE). [:]