PRS doubles the production capacity in Navarra

The relocation of one of its industrial premises, involves an increase of more than 1,000 m2 of manufacturing and storage capacity.

Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L. has doubled the space for production and storage, due to an increase in the demand of its services. The company has relocated part of the activity to a new, larger and better building in Polígono Industrial Comarca I, calle L, Nave 9, in Orcoyen. This change, entails an increase of more than 1,000m2 On the other hand, the company continues to maintain one of its warehouses in Tajonar, in which the company’s central services currently remain, as well as part of the production.

Along with the two production centers that PRS has in Navarra, the company also has two other offices of its own in Spain (one in Termens, Lérida and the other in Benifaió Valencia), as well as a subsidiary in Mexico, specifically in Puebla. In the coming months, the company plans to open two more branches, one in Seville and the other in a new European country.

Circular Economy

Plastic Repair System, which is member of the Lean & Green platform, is a company committed with the sustainability and the Circular Economy. PRS helps companies to save plastic and money, at the same time that they reduce their carbon footprint. The co2 emitted when repairing a plastic container or a plastic pallet is 187 times less than the CO2 emitted when recycling. In 2019 PRS repaired more than 100,000 products what it means more than 1,600 tonnes of recovered plastic and more than 7,100 CO2 tones held.