evento Accion contra el hambre

PRS participates in the coordination act of the project “Vives Emplea POISES NAVARRA”

The project

On Monday, October 25, at the Civican of Pamplona, Acción contra el Hambre organized the coordination act of the project “Vives Emplea POISES NAVARRA”, developed in Pamplona, Irurtzun – Sakana, Tafalla – Peralta and Tudela during the months of October 2020 as of October 2021 and in which more than 180 people from the entire region have participated.

The work carried out during these 13 months was shared by creating a meeting space between the participating people, companies and collaborating entities, with the idea of facilitating enriching synergies and thanking all the participants for their collaboration.

Among the participants to the event were:

  • Silvia Uzqueda, Director of ABANTI Pamplona: temporary work company specialized in people in difficult social and labor insertion situations, vulnerability and people with disabilities.
  • María José Blasco, Director of the GRUPOEMPLEOdelegation: a personnel selection company specialized in the industrial sector. It has 11 offices and also operates in Navarra.
  • Llosar Tena, Human Resources Technician Grupo AN, a centennial benchmark of agri-food cooperatives in our country that brings together about 42,000 farmers and ranchers.
  • Miguel Díaz Castillo, CEO Plastic Repair System, Circular economy company, leader in the repair and maintenance of plastic objects.
  • Carmen Sanjurjo, Founding Partner Imeanticipa, a company that helps companies and regions in their internationalization process. They are experts in Internationalization, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Surveillance.

Together they contributed to facilitating that the people who have participated in this program are in better conditions to be able to access the labor market, with adequate technical and personal skills, which will undoubtedly facilitate their labor insertion.

It is naturally that at PRS we believe and collaborate with this type of project, since labor insertion is part of our values and our company policy.


evento Accion contra el hambre