Why choose PRS?

Why is it better to repair plastic?

Thanks to the plastic repair we recover the damaged object and avoid its disposal.

If we think about buying a new plastic pallet we have to be aware of the carbon footprint
that supposes its recycling and manufacture. Repairing plastic is a more efficient and sustainable solution.

The CO2 emitted during the recycling and manufacture of a plastic pallet is 187 times higher than if we repair it.

Reducing the consumption of new plastic is an important step towards sustainability

Plastic Repair System offers a complete Circular Economy service, achieving more sustainable logistics and extending the life of RTPs.


Save plastic and money by repairing and reusing your plastic pallets and containers as if they were new

our process


Separate your damaged plastic pallets or containers and contact usto schedule logistics and transportation to our facilities.


In PRS we will do a study of your RTP´s that consists of: a characterization, a repair notebook and a quote for the plastic repair service.


Once received, study the proposal and if you want to bet on our circular economy solution, we will make a work plan and assign you a workshop. So you won’t have to buy new plastic containers or pallets


You will use your RTP´s again, reducing your carbon footprint and betting on sustainability.

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